Château Montrose 1975

Main characteristics of the vintage
As April was mild, the vine did not grow too early nor too late. May and June were fair with violent storms. Some Medoc vineyards were damaged by the hail, but Montrose was saved. The flowering of the vine developed in good conditions (mid-blossoming in June 15th) with practically no coulure.
July and August were engaged a few minor storms. The presence of atmospheric disturbances and little rain favoured the change of colour of the berries by the end of August and early September. Afterwards, the weather was sunny.
The weather was overall fine, hot enough (24-25°C in the afternoon) and very often stormy, except on September 30th: it rained in the morning, forcing us to stop the harvest for the day.
Good quality and full wine.

Period of harvest
September 25th -October 6th

Information non communicated

Tasting notes
Deep, dense, and ruby colour
The nose is soft and complex. It displays scents of red berries and currants, undergrowth, and cold tobacco.
The palate is long and silky. Very elegant with melted tannins.
The wine is complex, subtle, and well-balanced.