Château Montrose 1977

Main characteristics of the vintage
From early March, the weather was fine with rather high temperatures above the seasonal average causing the vine to grow around March 10th, which was really very early. At the end of this month, despite the sunny weather, it was rather cold (on March 31st, the temperature went down below 2° C). The merlots and cabernet francs were first concerned by the frost, as their growth was earlier than the cabernets sauvignons’. Montrose’s vineyard, well ventilated by its nearby location to the estuary of the Gironde, was never subject to the spring frosts, before 1977. Then, May and June were too mild for the season with rainfalls. The early vegetation lagged and the blossoming was late (mid-blossoming June 21st). If July’s temperatures were normal, August and September lacked sun and heat, causing an insufficient maturity of the grapes. The first days of harvest were characterized by an alternation of rain and sun, followed by a fresh fine weather. During this period, the temperature did not exceed 20°C;
We had to face a crop of average quality lacking maturity; nevertheless, the wine revealed to be fine and elegant.

Period of harvest
October 1st -October 15th

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Tasting notes
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