Château Montrose 2008

Main characteristics of the vintage
Regular rainy spells and smooth temperatures characterize the year of 2008, during which we noticed the occurrence of warm and sunny periods as well, above all for the flowering (mid-June) and the veraison (end of July).
Again this year, Montrose’s unique terroir has played its important role in regards to both the draining soil and the breeze and drying microclimate that hindered the development of mildew and grey rot.
The enjoyable consequence of this association between terroir and human work (green harvest, preventive measures and treatment) is the very good quality of the grapes once picked. Thus we waited for the perfect phenolic maturity with confidence.

Period of harvest
September 29th – October 15th


  • Cabernet-Sauvignon: 65 %
  • Merlot: 30 %
  • Cabernet franc: 4 %
  • Petit Verdot: 1 %

Tasting notes
Dense, profound, purple colour.
Full and powerful wine: There exists a good balance between the smoothness of an aromatically fruity wine and the clean tannic texture, giving thus length and silkiness to this long ageing wine.
The finish is of grand precision, with an exceptional softness.