La Dame de Montrose 1992

Main characteristics of the vintage
Winter 1992 was soft with early frosts. The rain was moderate. March favoured a relatively precocious bud burst which began for the Merlots at the end of that month, followed by the cabernets francs and the sauvignons with 5 to 6 days lap interval. The vegetation developed regularly for both merlots and cabernets. The month of May was particularly hot and fine for the season and the mid-blossoming intervened around June 6th. However the weather got cold with heavy rain falls during the months of June and July, thus causing a short delay in the blossoming, coulure and millerandage for the merlots. From June onwards, the arrival of mildew, odium and botrytis was ascribed to the succession of tropical heat and violent storms. Intensive treatments along with great attention were focused to ensure a healthy wine-harvest.
The mid-veraison took place on August 10th. The month of September was unstable with heavy heat and storms.
This vintage can be compared to 1988 and 1991, which are both very successful vintages at Montrose.

Period of harvest
September 23rd – October 9th

Information non communicated

Tasting notes
Deep colour with brick tints
The nose delivers woody scents and cocoa notes
Black fruit and brown tobacco on the palate
The wine is fresh and powerful: the attack and mid-palate is neat

Fresh and lingering finish