La Dame de Montrose 2014

Main characteristics of the vintage

The weather in winter was mild, with temperatures generally above zero. A considerable amount of rain fell during the early part of the year, until May, renewing water reserves in the soil. Conditions in spring were good for the vine cycle. Mild weather in April encouraged rapid and even vegetation growth across all the grape varieties, while flowering took place evenly in perfect conditions starting on June 5th. July was cooler than the average, and as expected veraison occurred later than usual during a wet August. After slowing in August, the vine cycle picked up again at the end of the month in hot and dry weather which lasted until mid-October. Temperatures often in excess of 30°C, a “miraculous” amount of sunshine and the hydric stress resulting from these exceptional climatic conditions helped the grapes to ripen evenly. 20 mm of rainfall on September 17 and 18th came at just the right time to ensure perfectbalance.

Fine weather overall and cool nights marked an untroubled start to the harvest in mid-September, with a crop in perfect health. Quality was assured, but in the quest for perfect ripeness the pickers went through certain parcels four to six times. In the winery, dense and deep colours started to emerge as soon as pumping-over started. The alcohol level was a little high but the balance was good. Tastings at the end of the maceration period suggested that the wines would be excellent. The wines from different parcels were kept separate when the wines were run off, while careful selection of the press wines in barrels created many opportunities for future blending.

Period of harvest

September 22th – October 16th


  • Merlot : 50%
  • Cabernet Sauvignon : 45%
  • Petit Verdot : 5%

Tasting notes

The wine has a crimson tint.

Spice and ripe fruit aromas mingle on the discreet and elegant nose.

The attack is fresh, elegant and silky, underpinned by an attractive tannic structure, and the mid-palate very full, well-rounded and silky, leading into a long finish lifted by touches of liquorice.