Dame de Montrose 1998

Main characteristics of the vintage
The first three months of the year were far milder than usual, which entailed an early bud burst. April was very rainy while May was dry and hot: we went abruptly from winter to summer! In spite of a gloomy June, the blooming was rapid and homogeneous; the midflowering was noted down on June 4th, like in 1995 and 1996. July was cloudy but dry whereas August was particularly hot (with 39°C). Th e mid-veraison was noted down on August 7th, like in 1990. The time lap between Merlot and Cabernet was very weak. The second fortnight of September was very wet.
The Merlots were runaway success: very fat and full, supercharged in fruit. The Cabernets were less homogeneous but our best plots of land gave us very rich and promising wines.

Period of harvest
September 22nd – October 6th


  • Cabernet-Sauvignon: 56 %
  • Merlot: 44 %

Tasting notes
Dense colour with ruby tints.
The nose delivers aromas of chocolate, tobacco and black fruit , slight acidity.
Notes of mocha, underground and crystallized fruit on a soft and fresh palate.
The wine is dense, fleshy and harmonious.
The attack and mid-palate is neat and clear.
Silky and lingering finish.