Dame de Montrose 2007

Main characteristics of the vintage
Apart from April being hot and dry, at the time the buds were opening, 2007 was notable for being warm and humid, with some rain, up until August. Autumn (September and October) was very dry and sunny, perfect for the ripening of the grapes. Again, this year, Montrose’s unique terroir played its important part with both the soil and the microclimate. Also, the permanent breeze from the Gironde combined with aeration of the grapes by careful « effeuillage » (removal of part of the leaf canopy) and a moderate green harvest hindered the development of mildew and grey rot.
Time spent in the vineyard was most important this year, but this work (green harvest, preventative measures, and treatments) was essential to ensure perfectly healthy vines. Thus, we followed the maturity of the grapes with great confidence and were able to make our selection from evenly ripened parcels, high in quality and maturity.

Period of harvest
September 20th – October 11th


  • Cabernet-Sauvignon: 68 %
  • Merlot: 32 %

Tasting notes
Violet colour (young).
Complex nose delivering notes of cassis, violet, tobacco and mocha.
Floral notes, raspberry, ripe red berries wrap around a neat, long and elegant palate. The tannins are granular, ripe and clearly defined.
The wine is harmonious, long, fat and silky.