Château Montrose 2013

Main characteristics of the vintage
Climatic conditions for the 2013 vintage were generally more difficult than in other years, highlighting the importance of the Montrose terroir and microclimate. Changeable weather meant that everyone had to be especially attentive, both in the vineyard and in the winery; it also meant taking a significant risk at harvest time.
After a very cold spell in February and March, wet weather in spring held back the vegetation cycle. Flowering did not start until 6 June and took place slowly, taking until the end of the month and already heralding a slightly late vintage. Coulure and millerandage struck some of the Merlots, though the Cabernets were unaffected. It was already clear that yields would be lower than the average in previous years. July brought a hot and dry summer, very favourable conditions which prevailed until mid-September. Veraison was a little late but very even, especially in the Cabernet Sauvignon, the predominant grape variety at Montrose.
Spells of rain returned in the second half of September and lasted throughout the harvest. With the weather starting to deteriorate, on 16 September our team of harvesters started pre-harvest leaf removal in all parcels, greatly improving ventilation of the grapes. At that point we knew that the keys to the vintage lay in the quality of our terroir and the measured risk we would be taking to enable the different grape varieties to reach optimum maturity.
We started harvesting the first Merlots on 26 September, followed by the Cabernet Sauvignons from 7 October. Our terroir is remarkably well ventilated, especially the parcels of Cabernet Sauvignon on the great plateau, which helped to dry out the grapes and keep them free of botrytis. Harvesting finished late, on 16 October, but the last grapes were in good condition and fully mature. The crop was hand-sorted with particular care at the vat-house, ensuring that only the best grapes were kept. This initial selection was important, especially for the Merlots, which the weather had made more fragile. The Cabernet Sauvignons were perfectly mature and healthy and, with 70% of the blend, formed the basis of Château Montrose 2013.
Overall, this is a good vintage for our wine, standing alongside classic years like 1998, when weather conditions were very similar to those in 2013.

Period of Harvest
September 26th – October 16th


    • Cabernet sauvignon : 68 %
    • Merlot : 29 %
    • Cabernet franc : 3 %

Tasting notes
The wine has an attractive, clear and glittering ruby colour.
The nose, still slightly closed, is very fresh and minty, marked by raspberry aromas along with more toasted notes and a touch of caramel.
From a clean and bright attack, the straight palate shows balance in the middle, with good grip revealing liquorice notes. The tannins are silky and elegant.