Château Montrose 1972

Main characteristics of the vintage
Winter extended till April, causing a slow growth of the vegetation. This delay was not caught up, explaining the late harvest. Until the end of June, the climatic conditions were not good with temperature below the seasonal average and with rain. The mid-flowering of the vine took place on June 23rd, and the fresh and humid weather did not favour the fertilisation of the shoot. Coulure occurred and especially millerandage , were mainly on the merlots.
After a rather fair month of July, August and September were not sunny with low temperatures for the season (reaching a maximum of 22°C and an average of 14-15°C). All this provoked a lack of maturity of the grapes by harvest.
The quality of this crop was average-good for these grapes lacked heat during summer and did not reach the perfect maturity.

Period of harvest
October 3rd -.October 22nd

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Tasting notes
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