Dame de Montrose 2009

Main characteristics of the vintage
Episodes of regular rain and warm temperature characterize the first six months of the year 2009. Nevertheless, the key-phases of the vine’s growing cycle (blossoming and setting of the vine) developed in excellent conditions. This year again, the unique soil of Montrose helped us fight against the parasitic disease, gratefully to the draining gravelly soil along with the oceanic air that sweeps and dries away the vineyard.
The summer settled a hot and dry weather until the early fall, allowing the berry to gain volume and change colour. That authorized us to be patient with confidence and serenity for the grape to reach optimal maturity.
Our obsession was to find the balance so fragile between the perfect maturity of the berries (sugar, tannin) and the freshness of the juice extended by an acidity that we controlled daily. All these factors foreshadowed an exceptional vintage of grand quality.
The tasting of the juice, then of the wine, rapidly convinced us of the extraordinary quality the vintage 2009 was reserving us. It is also important to stress on the homogeneous and valuable soil of Montrose.

Period of harvest
September 17th – October 5th


  • Cabernet-Sauvignon: 18 %
  • Merlot: 82 %

Tasting notes
Violet colour (young).
The nose offers scents of blackcurrant, violet, cherry-red sweet.
Floral notes, ripe red berries, milk bread and cocoa wrap around a neat, long and elegant palate.
The wine is harmonious, long and powerful but too very balanced. A lots of finesse.
The really great vintage.