Dame de Montrose 1996

Main characteristics of the vintage
1996 is recognized for its great irregularity (2 days of negative temperatures in November,, 4 days in December, none in January. 8 days of frost in February and 3 days at the beginning of March). The bud burst occurred on the 22nd of March for the Merlots and the 24th for the Cabernet: spring was relatively hot with normal rainfall. The first blossoms appeared on May 28th for the Merlot, and the mid-blossoming was noted on June 6th. High temperatures in early June caused a « coulure » on the Merlot. July and August were not too hot but quite sunny with little rainfall allowing the vine to bear the drought. The mid-veraison was noted on August 13th. From August to September 17th, a very dry weather covered Bordeaux. The grapes gradually ripened in excellent conditions, allowing a good concentration of sugar and polyphenols.
The wines are characterized by velvety tannins. The Merlots are similar to the 1995. The Cabernets are more homogeneous, richer, with more acidity compared to the previous year.

Period of harvest
September 23th – October 6th

  • Cabernet-Sauvignon: 55 %
  • Merlot: 37 %
  • Cabernet franc: 8 %
Tasting notes
Violet colour (young).
Light and floral nose.
Notes of mint, liquorice, black fruit and brown tobacco wrap around the palate.
Balanced, complex and round wine.
Neat mid-palate and clear attack. Finish slightly bitter, though fresh.